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5 Foods That Could Change Your Life!


It’s up to you to determine how fast (or slow) you’ll turn your health around.  Many of you reading this post already know the basics to getting healthy; however, I’ve learned through experience a few “super” foods that can help you speed up the healing process to health a lot faster!

The secret:  Foods that are nutrient-dense, meaning they pack a HUGE amount of vitamins and/or minerals in a single serving.

When your body is deficient in vitamins and minerals, it makes it much harder to lose weight, feel energized, and have an overall sense of balance and well-being in life.  And guess what – studies have shown that MOST Americans are deficient in certain vitamins and (especially) minerals.

Start getting the most nutrients out of your foods as possible and watch your health begin to turn around much quicker!

# 1 – DULSE

urlDulse is a seaweed that is very rich in minerals, especially iodine.  Iodine is essential for healthy thyroid function.  If you have an iodine deficiency, you increase your chances of developing hypothyroidism, which causes a whole host of health problems, especially weight gain.  Additionally, dulse is filled with many other vitamins and minerals, such as B6, potassium, zinc, phosphorous, calcium, and more.  Dulse is also a great source of fiber, which helps clean out the GI tract and eliminate constipation.

#2 – Avocado

ganze und halbe avocado isoliert auf weissDid you know that the avocado is actually a fruit?  Well, to be more technical, it’s a berry.  The avocado is considered to be a complete food, which means that if you had to live the rest of your life eating only avocados, you’d be just fine!  Avocados contain around 20 essential nutrients, including vitamins A, C, D, E, and K along with essential fats such as omega-3’s.  They also contain many of the B vitamins, which are vital to your health and energy levels.  Because avocados are such a “complete” food, they are a great source of long term energy and quickly banish any unhealthy food cravings.  Sometimes, if I’m on the road or in a hurry, I’ll have a whole avocado as my meal!

#3 – Bee Pollen

urlBee pollen is also considered a complete food.  Looking for a natural source of sustained energy?  Bee pollen contains a very rich supply of the B-complex vitamins.  Looking for a vegan source of protein?  Bee pollen is 20% protein!  Gram for gram that is 5x’s more protein in a single serving than most meats!  Other reasons this miracle food should be in your daily diet: anti-aging properties, physical endurance, mental clarity, enzymes, balances hormones, better recovery time (after workouts), and SO much more!

 #4 – Celery


Yes, celery – one of the cheapest vegetables you can buy and can be found in pretty much any grocery store.  If you’re making a green juice or smoothie, be sure to use celery every time!  In addition to its anti-aging properties, celery is a great natural remedy for heart burn and acid reflux.  It aids in the digestion process by building up the hydrochloric acid in your stomach (lack of hydrochloric acid causes acid reflux).  Not only that, but the amount of sodium and potassium in celery juice makes a wonderful sports drink to replenish lost nutrients and water after a hard workout.  Always choose organic with celery!

#5 – Shilajit

shilajit-2oz-jar-lgWhat in the world is this stuff?  Yeah – that’s what I asked when one of my health mentors suggested I try it.  Talk about a powerhouse of nutrients, especially minerals, which most of us are deficient in.  This stuff will build up your immune system so fast, it’s crazy!  It has been reported that shilajit contains up to 85 different minerals in ionic form.  When your body gets the whole spectrum of minerals it needs, your body doesn’t crave junk anymore – at least that was how it affected me!


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