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All About Off-The-Shoulder Tops & Denim!

Lets face it – off shoulder tops have taken over summer fashion completely!  And, I’m so happy about it.  They, honestly, look good on anyone no matter what your body type may be.  

And, now… denim skirts are back in too!

Well, some of us never put them away… that would be me 🙋🏻 Lol!

I remember in the late 90s – early 00s, denim skirts were SO in (at least amongst my group of friends).  I knew they’d eventually make there way back to the fashion scene.  So, I still have denim skirts in my closet from 15+ years ago!  Too bad they don’t fit anymore since I’ve grown a pair of hips since then… haha!

No worries though because I found this cute high-waisted denim skirt for under $20 at Forever 21.

And, just to be completely honest… about 75% of the stuff at Forever 21 doesn’t appeal to my style-sense.  

However, if you’re willing to filter through the plethora of clothes they have, you’ll sometimes find a diamond in the rough.  And, I certainly did with this denim skirt and off-the-shoulder white top (shirt is under $25!).  

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With the neutral colors of this denim skirt & white top, you can pair it with pretty much any “pop” of color you wish.  I chose these turquoise statement earrings because I LOVE turquoise! 



Another great statement piece I added to this outfit was this Fossil cross-body purse.  I’m obsessed with this purse, y’all!!  It gets so many compliments, and it’ll go with anything!






I hopey’all enjoyed this look.  Let me know what you think in the comment section below.  I ended up going out for a casual dinner date with my boyfriend after this photoshoot, and this outfit was very comfortable, which is super important to me.  There’s nothing worse than going out and having to adjust your outfit all night.  So, I am very happy with these purchases!  Tag me on Instagram if you end up shopping this look – My Instagram

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