Bulletproof Coffee: Can This Drink Really Boost Brain Power & Increase Fat Burning?

So, there’s this trend in the health community right now called Bulletproof Coffee (or butter coffee).  But, unlike most trends, I’m predicting this one will be around for a while (I’ve been drinking it for 2+ years now).

Why?  Because it works!

Otherwise, why would I still be drinking it 2 years later 😉

It works for weight loss, mental clarity, increased & sustained energy, curbing your appetite, and much more.

In fact, it’s almost too good to be true.  Almost.

Some of the Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee Include:

  • Increased Fat Loss (especially if you combine it with intermittent fasting)
  • Sustained Energy
  • Increased Mental Clarity (without the jitters)
  • Better Gut Health (especially if you add collagen)
  • Increased Intake of Fat-Soluble Vitamins
  • Increased Consumption of Polyphenols

If you’ve followed my blog or social media long enough, you know I’m a huge fun of Bulletproof Coffee! 

I’ve even created a FREE PDF (at the end of this blog post) of my 11 Favorite Bulletproof Drink Blends.


So, what exactly is Bulletproof Coffee?

In a nutshell, the original Bulletproof Coffee recipe is a blend of high-quality coffee, grass-fed butter, and MCT Oil or Coconut Oil blended together to form a rich and creamy brain-boosting beverage.

I already know what you’re thinking… butter & oil in my coffee?!?!

YES! Keep reading…


What’s so good about it?

The idea is that when you combine healthy fats with a cup of high quality coffee, it allows your body to stay in a fasted state (since you’re not spiking blood sugars or insulin) which, in turn, keeps you in fat-burning mode longer.

The goal is to mimic the effects of intermittent fasting where you go so many hours without spiking your insulin.  The ideal amount of hours you should go is 16+ if you really want to see the benefits of intermittent fasting.

For example, if you have dinner at 7pm, then you shouldn’t have your first meal until 11am. 

But, having a bulletproof coffee before then is completely fine.  So, it’s sort of like “cheating the system” while still yielding the benefits of intermittent fasting (i.e. weight loss, increased energy, better digestion, etc.).

And, the healthy fats in the Bulletproof Coffee will keep you full until it’s time for your first ‘real’ meal of the day.


Does it actually work?

Yes.  But… and this is a big but… it’s important to use high quality ingredients to yield best results.


Lets begin with the coffee beans…

If you’re still using low quality beans for your morning cup of joe, then sweetheart you are sipping on a delicious cup of pesticide residue (eww!).

Did you know that coffee is one of the most chemically treated crops in the world?

It’s sprayed heavily with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc.  All of which can lead to a slew of health issues.

If coffee is something you consume regularly, then you should really think about upgrading to a high quality coffee in order to reap the full benefits of coffee (and to avoid toxic chemicals).

Coffee can either be a superfood or a health-robbing food… depending on its quality.

Organic coffee is always a major plus since it’s not treated with toxic pesticides, herbicides, etc.

However, if you want to upgrade even more, then Bulletproof coffee beans are the way to go.


Mold in your coffee??

Personally, I use the coffee beans from Bulletproof because they’re the only ones that don’t give me headaches.

If you’ve had to quit your love affair with coffee due to headaches or other negative side effects of coffee consumption (even with organic beans), then you may be able to tolerate Bulletproof coffee beans.

The founder of Bulletproof, Dave Asprey, makes an interesting point that many coffee beans contain mycotoxins (mold) and the mycotoxins are what actually cause many of the negative side effects people get with coffee consumption (i.e. headaches, brain fog, withdrawal, etc.).

The Bulletproof coffee beans are grown and produced in a way that reduces these mycotoxins drastically, which is great news for those (like myself) who are apparently sensitive to these molds.


Ramp up fat-burning with MCT Oil…

One main ingredient in bulletproof coffee is a high quality MCT Oil.  Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) are a type of fatty acid found in foods, such as coconut oil, and are easier to digest than long chain triglycerides (LCTs).

MCTs are broken down and converted into energy (in the form of ketones) very quickly, which allows your body to run on fat instead of carbs/sugar.  

They provide a very clean form of energy that’ll last you hours.  Plus, a high quality MCT oil will increase fat-burning and brain power drastically.

But, here’s the deal…

While coconut oil is a great source of MCTs, it only contains about 65% on average.

So, if you want to increase your consumption of MCTs without increasing calories, then supplementing with MCT oil is ideal.


Not all MCT Oils are the same though…

Sure, you can choose any MCT oil you’d like.  But, if you really want to maximize the full potential of MCTs, then Brain Octane Oil is the way to go.

Of course, I was a total skeptic when I first heard Dave Asprey claim that the Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil was “more upgraded” or potent than other MCT oils on the market.

But, being that my job as a Holistic Nutritionist is to refer my clients and readers to the best products on the market, I reluctantly gave it a try.  

And, after comparing the Brain Octane Oil to an MCT oil from my local health food store, I will say that there were very noticeable differences.

The biggest difference I noticed was the difference in mental clarity.  The Brain Octane Oil definitely delivered on the mental clarity, focus, and brain power in comparison to the other MCT oil.

I also noticed that the Brain Octane Oil seemed to control my appetite better.  For instance, I was able to go about 1-2 hours longer in the mornings without food than I did with the other MCT oil.

So, needless to say, I’m now a firm believer in the superb quality of Brain Octane Oil.

If you want a full breakdown on Brain Octane Oil VS Coconut Oil VS MCT Oil, then read this article.


So, what about the grass-fed butter?

Adding the grass-fed butter to the coffee increases the ketogenic effects (using ketones as fuel) since it’s a saturated fat and also contains a small amount of MCTs.

The main reason I love adding the butter is because it’s a great source of fat-soluble vitamins, including vitamins A, E, and K.

It’s important to use butter derived from grass-fed cows.  Conventional butter is usually sourced from factory-farmed cows that are fed a diet of GMO grains and injected with antibiotics and growth hormones.  

Kerrygold and VitalFarms are two popular brands that you can find in many grocery stores.

**Note:  If you are intolerant to lactose or casein, then you can use grass-fed ghee instead.


Adding Collagen for Better Skin, Hair, Digestion, etc…

Although collagen protein powder isn’t in the original Bulletproof Coffee recipe, I like to add it in order to upgrade my coffee even more.

Here’s why…

  • It improves the health of your skin and hair
  • It helps to reduce joint pain
  • It helps to heal leaky gut
  • It strengthens your nails and teeth
  • It gives a creamier texture to your coffee!

In the old days, our ancestors used to make bone broth as a way to get extra nutrients, including collagen, from the bones and cartilage of the animal that you can’t find in the muscles of the animal.  Today, most of what we eat is the meat from the animal’s muscles.  As a result, we’re not getting much collagen in our daily diets.

Of course, if you have the time to make homemade bone broth from grass-fed animal bones every week, then “You Go Girl/Boy!.”  All power to ya! 😉

But, for those of us who barely have time to even read this blog post, a high quality collagen protein powder is the best alternative.

Add it to your Bulletproof Coffee for a creamier texture.  You can also add it to your smoothies too!

CAUTION:  You do not want to ingest collagen protein unless it’s from pasture-raised animals.  Bulletproof Collagen meets these standards.


Here’s the recipe for my standard Bulletproof Coffee…

1-1.5 C. Bulletproof Coffee, brewed (I use two Tbsp of coffee grounds)

1 Heaping Tbsp Grass-fed Butter or Ghee

1 Tbsp Brain Octane Oil (start slowly with 1 tsp)

Directions:  Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until frothy.


Other Ways to Upgrade Your Health the Bulletproof Way…

Unfair Advantage Supplement – A new proprietary liposomal delivery system that uses Brain Octane® oil and other special fats to help your body preferentially absorb Active PQQ™ and CoQ10 to power peak performance.  It works at the cellular level, supporting mitochondrial health and efficiency to help the power plants in your cells create energy.

Fat Water – Keeping the same line of thinking in mind with using fat for energy instead of carbs/sugar, Fat Water contains micro droplets of Brain Octane Oil for fast energy and is also fortified with B vitamins.  It’s sweetened with Xylitol, which doesn’t spike your blood sugar.  And, they taste AMAZING!  No bitter aftertaste at all!  Pineapple is my favorite flavor.


My 11 Favorite Bulletproof Drink Blends (Free PDF download) below…

Ever since the Bulletproof Coffee trend began, several of us in the health community have come up with other “Bulletproof Style” drink blends that yield similar results.  In the free PDF below, you’ll get a vegan version of the Bulletproof Coffee, a Fat-Fueled Bulletproof Hot Chocolate, a Matcha Latte, and several more delicious blends.


Kayla's 11 Favorite Bulletproof Drink Blends
Free PDF Download.



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  1. I love this coffee! How can I find more information supporting how his brand are what they say they are? Grown where, packaging process, mold testing? I’d love to really understand and believe in these beans!

    • Absolutely.. he has a huge bulletproof blog where you can find tons of articles written on his beans (blog.bulletproof.com). Personally, I would just email them directly to get a straight answer (that’s what I usually do with companies) 😉

  2. Enjoyed reading this. Are u saying that it’s ok 2 drink bulletproof coffee before 16 hour fast is up in AM as “cheat” & I’ll still lose weight?? Thanks

    • Hey Lori!… Yes, for most people they can drink the bulletproof coffee before the 16 hour fast is up and still lose weight since it doesn’t trigger a major spike in insulin, which ensures that your body stays in the fasted, fat-burning state. Keep in mind, everyone is different though… the only way you can be certain is to give it a try yourself for about a week.

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