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Fat Blaster Juice Recipe!

Although I’ve said it many times, I’ll say it again – If you can detox the toxins out of your body, you’ll simultaneously release fat cells since the majority of your fat cells are filled with toxins.

The combination of lemon, ginger, and habanero in this juice will help to activate and speed up the detoxing process, especially if ingested on an empty stomach.  I know it’s spicy, but the benefits are SOOOOO worth it.  Sometimes, I even add a 1/2-1 bundle of cilantro or parsley to detox heavy metals (which most of us have) from my body.  If you have or have had mercury fillings in your teeth, you DEFINITELY need to add in the cilantro!


Get Raw, Organic Shilajit Powder HERE.

This juice combination was inspired by Lou Corona via Dan McDonald – two pioneers in the raw food movement.  Dan (left) is almost 40, and Lou (right) is in his mid 60s!  Both drink a very similar juice combo almost daily!


Lou doing a plank recently… he’s been raw vegan since his early twenties… now in his mid 60s and still planking!!  Can you say inspiring?!

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  1. I really want to give the 7 day cleanse a shot. But, where do I find the “Fat Flush Smoothie” and the “Detox Juice” recipe?

    • Hey Taylor.. you can get the entire detox for free by simply entering your email into the green box at the top of my site 🙂

    • Hey Tracey! It’s a juice recipe, not a smoothie recipe so it’s best made using a juice extractor. However, if you decide to use the ingredients to make a smoothie, I would suggest using the nutri bullet 🙂

  2. Hey Kyla , greetings from Kigali, Rwanda 🙂 I want to start the cleanse but I have failed to find Shilajit powder or capsules are there any substitutes?

  3. Hello Kayla
    Just wanted to say love your site and I am newly at this juicing thing. I wanted to know if you can put a picture of the Shilajit powder on you site or can you email me what it looks like. I am on Omica websit and they have a Himalayan Shilajit Dark and I don’t know if that is correct. Thank you so much and let get healthy all together.

    • Hi LaChanda! You are looking at the correct one.. I just checked on their site to make sure. They offer both a powder and capsule form. You can add the shilajit powder to your juices and/or smoothies, but (currently) I’m taking the capsule form because the taste is pretty strong. If you opt for the capsule form (instead of the loose powder), be sure to take the capsule right before drinking the juice recipe 🙂 Here’s a link to the capsules:

    • Hi Mary.. Yes, it’s okay to snack on fruits and veggies between the core meals (excluding avocados). Also, drinking decaf herbal teas are allowed and will help to curb your hunger while promoting more detox. If you’re active (exercise daily/athlete), it’s okay to double the sizes of each recipe to ensure you get enough energy 🙂

  4. none of the health stores in my area sell shilajit. can you only find it online? Also, the Omica organics shilajit is a bit pricy. Do you have any more economical recommendations? Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your blog. My mom, sister, and myself did your detox for 14 days. We feel great. We are now trying to continue eating clean with less structure. I am looking forward to doing the detox again in a few weeks. This time no cheating 🙂

    • Hi Qahira! The Omica brand is the only brand I’ve trusted enough to buy and since I like it so much, I’ve not switched to another brand. However, I may be able to ask around and see if any of my “health expert” friends have any suggestions for you. And, CONGRATS on finishing the clenase!! Wow.. 14 days is awesome! I’m coming out with an 8-Day mini cleanse soon so stay tuned!

  5. Also the ingredients state 1/2 Tbsp does that mean teaspoon or tablespoon, just a little confuse two teaspoon is a tablespoon, just want to be clear n get it right. I know no question is a dumb one. But sometime for me I’m just crazy with my questio. I hope you don’t mine.

    • Tbsp = Tablespoon Tsp = Teaspoon.. There are 3 teaspoons in a tablespoon 🙂 And, I don’t mind your questions at all! Keep them coming! 🙂 We all have to start somewhere!

  6. I have receive my shilajit yesterday, can you tell me how the detox goes, is the juice all that I drink for seven days?

    • Diann.. this particular post isn’t a detox protocol. It’s only a juice recipe that you can incorporate on a daily/weekly basis to assist in speeding up weight loss and detox. If you want to do a full detox protocol, enter your email (at the top of my website) to receive my free 7-day detox. It’s a wonderful detox protocol that many have seen tremendous results on. You can even include this juice recipe into the detox if you’d like 🙂

  7. I’m sorry I did not see it change the name but shilajit is hard to find other than capsule can I open the capsule or is the powder different?

  8. Why so much habanero? How often can I drink this? Can I add this drink to the 7 Day detox? If not then how often should I consume this drink and when?
    Thank you and love your sight.

    • The habanero is the magic ingredient. Some people add up to 3 habaneros to this juice blend! The habanero will help to expand the blood vessels which, in turn, helps the other nutrients in this juice blend to reach more cells in the body. You may even notice your skin turns a little pink with this juice.. don’t worry though.. that just means it’s working! I would start out with a half of a habanero though! Yes, you can add this juice to your 7-Day Detox… it will only help to speed up results. After the 7-Day Detox, you could drink this juice daily. I like to drink some type of juice (32 oz) on an empty stomach first thing in the morning every single day to ensure proper nutrition (multi-vitamin). Change it up though so you can supply your body with a wide array of nutrition 🙂

    • Several health food companies sell shilajit powder.. Omica Organic is a great brand for this specific product 🙂

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