First Fashion Post – Winter Wonderland!

I’m excited about getting started with the fashion section of my site!  In these photos, I was visiting Little Rock, Arkansas and was lucky enough to have it snow while visiting.  So, I just knew this was the perfect moment to post my very first fashion blog post.  I hope you enjoy!

Although I may look super relaxed right here, I was freezing!  It was snowing and the wind speed was about 15 mph.  And, I was sliding all over the place from the ice 🙂  Luckily, I made it out alive… Lol!


Links to Most of the Items in the Photos:  

  • Black Leggings (super warm) – Victoria’s Secret – similar pair here
  • Grey Sweatshirt – Victorias’s Secret Pink Line – here
  • Black Boots – similar pair here and here
  • Scarf (gifted to me) – similar scarf here and here
  • Beanie – similar here and here
  • Gloves – here
  • Purse – Kate Spade – Here

I hope y’all enjoyed this post.  I’ll have some more winter looks coming your way soon!

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