Kayla's 21-Day Total Body Transformation Program

This program is the total package when it comes to jumpstarting your health & weight loss naturally. The average person loses 4-7 lbs in the first week!

Most weight loss programs solely focus on losing weight, not your overall health and energy levels. Plus, they're not sustainable longterm, which is why most people gain all of their weight back within a few months.

In this program, Kayla utilizes the power of whole food nutrition to naturally help you reset your tastebuds, reduce overall cravings, decrease inflammation, lose weight naturally, and much more!

You get meal plans, recipes, natural supplement plan, interactive video modules, health guides, and more! And, if you join today, you'll also get my 3-Day Sugar Detox & 10-Day Smoothie Challenge for FREE as a bonus!

The meals on the program are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Paleo-Friendly.

28-Day Meal Plan eBook

In this eBook, you will receive a 28-Day Paleo-Approved Meal Plan that's designed to help jumpstart your weight loss, reset your tastebuds, reduce inflammation, and make you healthier overall.

The biggest difference between this eBook & the program above is that the program is a total body reset, including meal plans, supplement plan, interactive video modules, health guides, and direct access to Kayla via the private FaceBook group.

This eBook is a meal plan only. Both are great options. It just depends on the type of weight loss experience you prefer - eBook style or interactive/program style.

The meals on this plan are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Paleo Friendly.

8-Day Mini Cleanse (for Vegans)

Most of my health and weight loss programs and meal plans are paleo-friendly because that's more of the eating style that I adhere to. However, I wanted to provide a vegan-friendly cleanse for my vegan friends out there!

This is called a "mini" cleanse because it's a great way to easy into slowly detoxifying your body without experiencing many detox symptoms.

If you're vegan, I suggest doing the 8-Day Mini Cleanse first followed by my free 7-Day Detox for best results.

This cleanse is vegan friendly.